Submit Your Convention Stories


Anyone who’s every been to a convention for anime, video games, comic books, science fiction, furs, etc…. We all have that one story we always love to share.

I’m beginning to feature a new section on dedicated to “convention stories” no matter how bad or how good they might be. If you’ve witnessed or been apart of something amazing and have photos of meeting your role model, if you’ve had the worst convention ever and want to share it… Now is your time to speak.

The information in this form below will not be sold or used for any other purpose than to create a community blog post for these convention stories. To protect those whom might not like their name shared, please refrain from using real names if your story is more on the controversial side. Your story will be subject to my refusal if it is purely bullying, unethical, or of bad taste. Feel free to submit! 

I highly suggest writing your story on a separate program like notepad or word, and copy and pasting it into the “submit your con story here.” form.

Your name can be your cosplay name, or type “Anonymous” if you wouldn’t like your identity to be linked to the story. A website is optional if you’d like to promote your own cosplay page or website along with the story.

If there is a hiccup with your story submission because of the form, e-mail in the subject line “Submission of Convention Story” with the fields below to