Con Stories – 1st Edition


  • Anonymous, 31

I had a hotel room that wasn’t packed and only adults 25 and up. There was 4 of us in a 2 room suite. One of my roommates ended up being a huge slob. Her stuff was everywhere in the front room. It made it next to impossible to climb over her stuff to get out of the room. She was also ridiculously cheap and refused to spend money on food so brought a slow cooker. Her food burned and stunk up our entire room.

On the last night one of our roommates had left and she asked me if a couple of people could crash in our room. She said she knew them and I was just like okay, the room is big. One of our guests insisted on sleeping in the closet. No pillow, no blanket. Just her in the closet. She knocked down my cosplays hanging up.

  • Kelli, 24; Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, Nashville

In the grand scheme of things, this was the first large con that I had been too. The ones I had attended before were mostly local and small in comparison. I went with a large group of friends, five of us all together, and on Saturday night, two of us got seperated from the rest of the group.

The two of us are running around, freaking out, looking for our friends everywhere. We have no idea what’s happened to them, and what’s worse, they have our phones.

Now, at the same time that the con hotel is hosting MTAC, it’s also hosting a horror convention. In our search for our friends, we end up near the other convention. I’m not paying attention to what I’m doing, and I get up running straight into this guy walking the opposite way from me. His papers go flying, mine go flying, I tell you, if this had need a movie, that would have been our meet cute.

So we both apologize and help eachother get situated and he complements my cosplay, and then asks if I want to take a picture, something I’d been asked all weekend, and I say, “Sure!” So he takes the photo with his phone and then asks, “Do you want an autograph, or a hug?”

And I just like, “Ummmm….neither?” Because I had no idea who is was! None. So he nods, says, “cool,” hugs me and walks away. Weird but whatever. I put it from my mind, and focus on finding my friends again.

Two weeks later, after we get back home, my sister has finally convinced me to watch the Walking Dead. And as I’m watching the second episode, Dayrl comes on the screen and I start freaking out because wouldn’t you know it, I bumped into him in Nashville. Literally. And there’s a chance I could be on his phone somewhere, smiling at his camera with no idea who I’m standing next to.

  • Miss Maple, 24; Animazement , North Carolina; Facebook

It’s the last day of the con, and my room is getting ready to get up and do the last minute shuffle and bustle.

Grabbing stuff, throwing away garbage, making mad dashes for the bell hops, and throwing wigs; which we’d so carefully packed to bring with us, unceremoniously into our suitcases just so we can all get out of the room before check out time, and leave it at least half way decent looking and hoping to god we don’t see the poor cleaning lady that happens to be working that morning. Bless her heart.

Now usually, the night before the con I like to pick up all of my stuff that won’t be used, pack it all up, and push it all off into a little bitty corner where it won’t bother anyone, so I won’t forget anything, but there is always that last minute rush of, ‘OMFG did I forget something!?’ that occurs.

And it always seems to occur, at the same time, for everyone.

Save for one person in my room.

While the rest of us are all doing mad dashes out the door to stall elevator doors from slamming shut one tiny person was still peacefully and blissfully asleep.

Naturally, none of us wanted to wake her while there was still time to rest, so we let it be, but as time marched on we realized there was no time to rest, and operation ‘Wake up Mandi’ started.

First it was gentle prodding and poking, tugging of blankets and soft coos of; “Mandi~ Time to get up Mandi~”

To no avail.

Next it was the rougher approach, pulling off of blankets, shaking of the bed, but still, nothing would wake the sleeping giant of a woman (I say giant because her 5’9 statue makes my 5’3 even smaller).

Finally, another roommate of ours decided to go out in an attempt to wake her up.

She began to rock and push on her air mattress like the rough seas would toss a small boat, all while screaming, “MANDIIIIII, MANDIIII YOU GOTTA GET UP MANDDIIIII, THE TITANIC IS SINKING MANDIIIIIIII!!” in what can only be described as one of the most hilarious accents I have ever heard (And I’m a Hetalia cosplayer, believe me, we here some accents).

Now came the mumble and grumbling but still, not real alertness from our sleeping beauty.

So our roommate turns it up a notch.

She begins to violently wiggle the bed now, as if the ‘boat’ was going to capsize:


Still; nothing.

After a few more solid attempts from our roommate she gives up and flops back down on the opposite bed, defeated.

It was in that moment that I decided to try my hand at waking up the beauty, who considers me her con mom. I sat down, leaned over, gently shook her shoulder, and cooed; “Mandi my love~ Time to get up, come on~”

And, wouldn’t you know it– it worked.

Blurry eyes opened to the world, with no idea of the hilarity that had occurred due to her heavy sleeping.

Now when every she talks about being sleeping we all look at her and go; “THE TITANIC IS SINKIN’ MANDI!”

She is not too happy about it, but hey– it makes for a great con story.

  • Bobbi, 29; Librari-Con, Downtown Library Fayetteville, NC; Etsy Shop

This is one convention that holds my heart close. Last year I was diagnosed with GAD or generalized anxiety disorder. I found out that most of my symptoms were noticeable even as a child. But I did not get diagnosed until I was 28. Well I decided I was going to go at this with force and overcome the things that others told me I would not be able to do.

During the next year, I joined a cosplay group,I started working at a job where I was around people all the time,I ate out by myself and even went on a long trip on my own. Then I found out some good news: I had gotten an art table. I will tell the truth, when I found out I got my art table at Librari-Con in Fayetteville, NC, I was really nervous. In fact the night before the convention I almost backed out. I am so glad I didn’t. I made things for the convention that were close to my heart like “anxiety pillows” which were like stress balls and Cure ribbons for anxiety, depression, and mental disabilities.

Okay the day of the convention arrived. I sat up everything and I was ready to go. Little did I know that people would come to my table and ask some tough questions. I did not realize how many people had anxiety or depression till they stopped by my table. I was thrilled when I found out that they enjoying my art work and that was a good cause for them. One person asked me how I did it and the answer was simple: “Well I could either sink or swim. I decided to swim as hard as I could till I reached where I wanted to go.”

Now, I have taken an even bigger step: I have opened my own art store on Etsy called CosplayDreamerShop. I have had several harsh comments and even people picking on me, but I am not going to stop. Anxiety does not stop me from doing what I love to do. If you choose my story, I want people to know its not all about me, it is just about the way I chose to go through art. Art helps Anxiety.

  • Mandi, 17; Animazement, Raleigh, NC.

First con ever-
Scary was a bit of an understatement for someone with social anxiety and being left alone in a new place but clearly I survived. Though all I wanted was to attend the Hetalia panel that I just somehow knew would be amazing. Amazing it was- I had spent the day being bullied and harassed for my Punk America being told it “wasn’t real”- I spent most of the day hurt but all sadness went away at the panel. It was amazing to watch everyone act out their characters on point. During the panel, they played a game that included various members of the audience. It was like freeze-improv. We were given a situation and everyone had to act it out to the best of their ability. Me being a theater nerd and a sucker for improv I couldn’t help but raise my hand and try to be called on. A statement of “I’m the hottest one here and up front, pick me-” may or may not have slipped from my mouth. As I was chosen, I had to chose someone to switch out with. All I could see was Russia bent over and I believe a France frozen above him in a ‘take you from behind’ type pose. I couldn’t help myself- I tapped them out, stood behind Russia, and thrusted just for show. I was expecting an elbow to the face or a foot kicking out my knee- Instead, hands came on top of mine and a grin. “We’ve been in this position before~” I died- The Russia had just played it off and I thought I would fall over with laughter. After the panel I apologized for the way I acted but all was well and the ship was a well liked one on both sides. Today we are still friends and that Russia is still my all time favourite Russia.

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