Lesson Learned, A Lewis and Arthur cosplay from Mystery Skulls



Mystery Skulls Gang Featured Left to Right: Arthur, Mystery, Lewis, and Vivi. Click image for source.

My fiance` and I, Spectrum Sparkle Arts, did a couples cosplay for the first time back at Banzaicon and then again at Yama-con.

I have a lot of people come to me and say, “How do I get better? What can I do for X?”

My first time cosplaying Lewis Pepper from Mystery Skulls, I did a few make-up tests a week or two before…

Make-Up Test for Skull Lewis

However, the day I decided to debut Lewis at Banzaicon 2015, I said to myself, “I’m going to try this other skull paint tutorial I found!”

Low and behold, I managed to scare small children with my facial features. Good thing it was Halloween!

Lesson learned from smiling at a child and forgetting my skull make-up was on, thus they proceeded to grab their mother’s pant leg and protest to be lifted up. Needless to say, I made a quick exit and change. I didn’t feel comfortable dressed as Lewis, but Kim’s Arthur was so excellent!

The next convention I went too, Yamacon 2015, I did normal human Lew’ with the skull coat because I had seen some fan-art with him represented in that fashion.

I felt fresh and new, invigorated to represent a character I enjoy and having fun with Kim who worked extremely hard on Arthur! One day, I will do skull Lewis again; However, it will be improved and I will be comfortable.

It showed me a lesson, that no matter how long you’ve been in cosplay— Always test your cosplay before you go to con or a photoshoot! It will make or break you. (Or scare small children.)

Let me know if you guys have had any similar experiences in the comments!


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