The Best Way to Choose a New Cosplay

So, you’re looking to try a new cosplay. Who do you choose?

November 2

Usually, choosing which cosplay you want to do next comes in one out of three scenarios:

  • You have so many ideas of who you want to cosplay.
  • You have no clue what cosplay you want to try next.
  • You have never cosplayed and this is your first time.

You’re not alone! All cosplayers have a first cosplay and everyone starts somewhere. Whether it’s your first time cosplaying or you’re a veteran, we all are stuck with the question of “Who next?” However, there are many ways to choose cosplay. Whether you’re deciding on that O.C. from World of Warcraft or that in-game cutie from Yandere Simulator, the best way to assess your next cosplay idea is through these simple questions:

  1. Do I want a simple outfit or a complex cosplay?

    This one can range for a lot of reasons. You can decide if you want to do a simple uniform (like a school uniform) or something super complex (full body armor and large props).  If you’re a beginner, I would opt for the more simple characters to get you started. You can always go bigger! In addition, one of the important things in this question is to consider the hair or prop, or else you’re stuck with a very simply uniform and crazy anime hair or a wicked weapon.

November 3
Simple Uniform ≠ Simple Hair
  1. How well do you know your character?

  • Have you watched, read, or played the series your character is in before?
  • Have you finished (or attempted) to finish the series and/or game?
  • Have you developed a bond or emotional connection with the character?

If all above are yes, then I believe you’ve found one to most definitely do next. Knowing your character is key in choosing your next cosplay. Even though you are completely allowed to do any cosplay you want, you will have more fun with the character in costume if you know their personalities and storyline.

  1. Is there anyone cosplaying with you?

Do you have a cosplay group or couple? Cosplay is more fun when it’s not alone! (Especially those late-night con trips to public places.) If you have a group that needs a certain character, it might be fun to try something out of your normal comfort range. Just be sure that everyone is happy and consenting with the character of their choosing.

Let’s go through an example of someone not knowing what to cosplay.

Jill wants to cosplay Fionna from Adventure Time, Mikasa from Attack on Titan, and Sakura from Card Captor Sakura. This is her first time cosplaying, and she’s a little intimidated by the crowd she saw from her last convention. Her mom took her to Otakon for her birthday a year ago, where she was inspired to cosplay like the other people around her. After reading this article, she’s taken a few steps to consider who she wants to cosplay.

Did she want a simple outfit? Yes, she wasn’t sure how to do some of the complex 3D-MG harnesses from SNK or the props from Card Captor Sakura. Fionna wears an easier outfit, so this was the winner of that option.

Does she know the series? Well, she only got through half of Adventure Time, but so far she liked Fionna’s character on the Gender Swap episode. However, she’s read the entire Card Captor Sakura series for ages and watched the show.

Okay, does she have anyone to go with? Yes, her friend, Jim. Jim was going to cosplay Eren Jaegar from Attack on Titan. This influences her to start Mikasa first, but she’s not sure if she wants to do that just yet. 

After going through all these questions, Jill ultimately has the freedom to cosplay whomever she wants too; however, what was she worried about? Budget, knowledge, or keeping her friend good company?

Would Jim still be her friend if she didn’t cosplay Attack on Titan? Probably.(He wouldn’t be a good friend otherwise) Would Sakura be too complicated for her as a beginner? It’s more than likely, unless she bought it online or made it. However, she was limited by her budget.

November 3

In the end, Jill went with dressing as Fionna from Adventure Time because the outfit was easier than the other options, as well as doing her own hair in a similar style. She’s able to still go with Jim and buy Card Captor Sakura merchandise at the convention.

Even though this is just an example, in a perfect world, it’s not too easy to decide who you might cosplay next. Some cosplayers have lists among lists of their dream cosplays, and it’s okay to do the ones that are accessible first and leave the complicated ones for later.

Thumbs up to Jill for making her decision on her own!

In addition, there is another way to pick your next cosplay, but it’s a little more vague.

  1. Budget
  2. Personality
  3. Actions
  4. Value

Budget. If you can afford or want to save up for this awesome new cosplay idea.

Personality. If you like the way they act on screen or in text.

Actions. If you’ve seen them “in action” whether it be during a romance novella or an adventurous scene with a cocky subtitle, if you like what they do.

Value. Do you love seeing items that remind you of them or merchandise? Can you not live without the body pillow of them or anything related? Then yes, most definitely choose that one.


In short, know that you can always cosplay whoever you want too. However, it’s nice to have a little guidance along the way. ♔

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